As a teacher seller and business owner, I understand the importance of great photos. I also understand the amount of time and resources it takes to produce high quality photos. And for full-time teachers and business owners, this can be a task that never gets done.


That is why I am here to do it for you.

[photo of myself]


Product Photography


You send me a hard copy of what you want photographed and i take it from there!

Product Photography

styling + props

add custom and relevant props to enhance your pictures.

Product Photography


i will edit the photos using professional software such as photoshop. all you have to do is download them!

Wondering if this is for you?

•Are you too busy to take photographs of your resources?

•Do you feel like your photographs do not do your resources justice?

•Are your products not getting the attention they deserve?

•Does your store need a more modern LOOK?

•Do you want to increase traffic to your blog or website by making it look more prefessinoal?

then you need this!

think about how much time you would save if you didn’t have to...

•take screenshots for product previews (and arrange them in a way that is appealing)

 •take photos of your resources (and figure out how to make them look good)

•upload, edit, save, and, upload again

what will you do with your extra time?


have you ever struggled to finish a blog post because of the lack of photos you had?

Do you put off uploading product previews because you have yet to take pictures of your resource?

are your attempts at taking professional photos disappointing?

These are all common teacher seller problems!

photography takes time + resources.

as a business owner, your focus should be on content, marketing, and profit.


having ready-t0-go photos of your products instantly enhances your:

•blog posts •social media posts •product previews •resource covers •pinterest graphics •facebook cover photos •email campaigns + more!

Not sure if you're ready to spend money on Photos?

PROFESSIONal photographs increase the value of your products.

your return on investment will be far more larger than the cost of the photos.

you'll have access to ready-to-go photos for when you need to upload a quick image of your brand.

gain more attention from your audience with eye-catching images on product covers, rather than clip art or screenshots. 

something to keep in mind...

Taking pictures of your products in use at school are great for demonstrating how the resource works, but with the increase of litigation from school districts regarding students in photographs and resources that are being sold on teachers pay teachers, your resources will soon have to be taken at home.

Commercial photography with the teacher design studio is a perfect alternative to this barrier.

take your business to the next step with professional product images.

No two shoots are alike, and for this reason rates can only be determined after I know a little bit more about the scope of the project. All shoots start at $50 and include five high-resolution images. Clicking the link above will take you to a form.