custom brand + squarespace website design

are you a creative teacher blogger looking to build your business' mission, brand, and identity? this three week process transforms your ideas into a full, cohesive brand -- allowing you to focus on the purpose of your business, rather than spending time on the visual aspects.



This package includes everything your business needs to run smoothly and professionally. The only thing you will need to focus on is your content. 


Custom Logo Design

Primary and alternative logo designs, personalized signatures, illustrations, and brand style guide

Custom Logo Design

Four custom items of your choice (business cards, social media images, etc.)

Custom Website Design

Desktop and mobile website design, blog design, and online storefront through Squarespace


this package is for you if

  • you are a beginner or experienced blogger. If you want to create a streamlined, cohesive brand for your business, then this package will get you there no matter your starting point.
  • you have a clear focus for your business, but aren’t quite sure how to take it to the next level visually. Your brand will reassure your readers that your business is professional and trustworthy, and will attract the audience that you are looking for.
  • you’re ready to create a visual identity that sets you apart from other teacher bloggers and businesses. Investing time on building your one-of-a-kind brand will help you stand out in the crowd and allow you to put more effort into blog content.
  • you are a busy bee with obligations other than your blog/business. You mean teachers don’t sleep at the school?? By handing over this full transformation, you have more time to focus on what matters in your personal life.


this package is not for you if

  • you have a personal blog that is not used to drive your business
  • you’re not really interested in growing your following or building a brand