Building Reading Comprehension with Phonics

Many kindergarteners “take-off” in reading and are reading second grade level text, fluently, by the middle of kindergarten. These students are still in need of phonics instruction, but are ready to be exposed to the concept of comprehension and remembering what you read. Getting children to think about their reading while they are reading is a known, research-based strategy for reading comprehension. One way to keep students thinking about what they are reading is to combine phonics instruction with comprehension skills.

On Monday, students review the sight word flash cards and phonics words. I usually split the differentiation into two groups, sometimes three or more depending on the time of year. They complete page 1 and 2 and read the passage one time, coloring in the first star.

On Tuesday, students re-read flash cards and phonics cards. Read the passage for the second time and color in another star. They then complete page 4 by listing all of the phonics “focus” words. Students highlight the phonics words in the passage.

On Wednesday, students re-read all flashcards again, re-read the passage for a third time, and complete page 5 by listing the “focus” sight words. Students highlight the sight words in the passage.

On Thursday, students re-read the passage and color in the 4th star. They then complete page 6 which focuses on the letters in the phonics words. 


On Friday, students re-read the passage for a 5th and FINAL time. Then complete 3 comprehension questions on the back. All three of these questions can be found in the text so I have my students go back and underline where they found their answer.