E.P.I.C. Word Work

Word work is such an important part of kindergarten. My students loved using all of the games, puzzles, stamps, and letters you could think of to learn, but they almost seemed like they were overstimulated with all of the options. I would find students starting an activity then cleaning it up and getting another before the first was even finished. This also made a lot of extra movement in the classroom which distracted the students trying to sit and read.

That is why I developed a phonics program called


Engaging - exciting to complete the whole activity

Purposeful - targeted practice to align with standards

ndependent - building more independence each day

onsistent - so everyone knows what to do each day


Watch the video above to take a peek at what students will have completed after one week of word work. Each day, students start word work by completing one of these pages. When (and if) they finish before it is time to switch, they are allowed to create the focus words of the week with the puzzles, stamps, letters, and games that I have available. Win for me and win for them! 


I use a small Sterilite container to organize each group/day. Just added some colors strips and it was ready to go!

Here’s what goes inside:

I prep everything for the week by copying and cutting around the border of each activity. This may seem like a hassle, but it makes such a difference in the students’ productivity during the lesson. They don’t need to waste any time cutting extra pieces off- they just grab from their colored drawer and start learning.

 Each picture card comes in color, but they look perfectly fine when printed black and white! :)

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EPIC Letter Sounds



EPIC Vowel Teams


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