What I learned from my first year teaching

Welcome to Miss Edwards' First Grade Classroom! 

Here are a few pics that I took today! 

Finally finished the word wall! The flower at the bottom is a "word family" flower.


is written on the center and each leaf has an



cat, hat, bat.

  Can't wait for the kiddies to do these so we can post more flowers!

My desk! :)

(the cleanest it will ever be)

Birthday pencils to give to students on their birthday with a note from the teacher. 

Class book boxes made out of cereal boxes.  Students will decorate these in class!  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

 Color-labeled file folders for all those important papers! Papers to file, copies, return to office papers, papers to go home...

Organized lesson plans! Monday - Friday folders for each subject!

The math wall :) (still missing a few things)

My favorite part! Classroom jobs with owls!  

Keeping those pencils sharp! 

Posted objectives! Laminated so I can write & erase each day!

Yay! Owls on clips to hang student work all along the cabinet! :)

More student work!

Rockstar behavior.. the kids LOVE this! 

My teacher chair!! The kids love sitting in it as a reward :)

More to come soon!