3 Fun Ways to Teach Plants

Spring is the best time of year - not only because you can start to see the light at the end of the school-year tunnel - but because you can finally have some hands-on FUN with plants!

Here are 3 simple ways to bring fun into your science lessons:

plants we eat

I love it because:

1. I get to teach the parts of a plant that we eat

2. ALL students are engaged

They love it because:

1. They get to play with their food!

2. They get a snack out of it

Grab this activity here!

(P.S. This activity comes with this interactive book!)


painting plants

Painting vegetable gardens are a great way to mix science and art and teach vegetable tops and bottoms. Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens is a GREAT book to get this lesson started!

I love it because:

1. I’m still teaching parts of a plant

They love it because:

1. They get to PAINT and be creative!

grass “hair” plants

 Photo by Design Dazzle

Photo by Design Dazzle

Take planting seeds to a new level of fun with these adorable plant critters!

I love it because:

1. I’m teaching the process of how plants grow

They love it because:

1. It’s so funny! :)

2. “We can take this home??!?"

Hope you can enjoy these fun science activities as much as we did!